Mobile Outtake: Victoria’s Secret

Yesterday, I was shopping on the Victoria’s Secret mobile ecommerce site. It’s the final days of the big semi-annual sale, so I clicked on the sale section to see what kind of deals were left. At first, I didn’t have any problems with this site. There’s a filtering menu at the top, so you can choose how you want to filter your results. I chose a size so I could see just the sale items that would fit me.


As I scrolled down, I saw that there were quite a lot of results. This site doesn’t have infinite scroll, so I had to click on the “Load More” button at the bottom of the pages to see more items.

vsmobile3 copy

After I had scrolled through a couple pages of items, I found one I wanted to learn more details about. I clicked on it to view the product page. I ended up deciding not to add it to my cart and wanted to navigate back to the results I was on before. The button on the top that says “All Sale & Specials” has a little arrow in it, so it looks like it’s the back button. However, when I clicked it, I was disappointed.

vsmobile2 copy

Instead of bringing me back to the same point in the results I had scrolled to, it brought me back to the very top. I had to scroll down and click the “Load More” button a few times to get back to where I was! That’s pretty annoying. I would suggest that button allow shoppers to return to the same point in their results.

vsmobile1 copy

I tried this again using the back arrow at the bottom of my browser, and this did take me back to the correct place in my results. However, since that button at the top is so large and visually commanding, shoppers are more likely to click that and find themselves redirected to the top of their results. I strongly suggest updating this, Victoria’s Secret. Make your mobile shoppers happy!

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