Badge of Honor: J & P Cycles

When the fender on my motorcycle mysteriously broke (no really, I have no idea how it happened), I had an ecommerce search ahead of me. I needed to find a great site to buy a new part. When I entered “motorcycle fender” into Google, the first result that came up was J & P Cycles. Of course I checked it out, and I have to say I was not disappointed. Today I’m awarding this site the eCO Badge of Honor for their easy-to-use ecommerce store, and in particular, the way they promote their rewards program throughout the site. Take a look!

jpcycles copy

Since I got to the J & P Cycles site from a Google search, I arrived on a landing page of motorcycle fenders. I could see at the top that there were 17 pages of results, so I really needed to narrow things down. The left navigation menu offers many great refinement options, but I decided to use the first feature in the list that allows you to shop by motorcycle. This is always a nice thing to see on these sites because I can find parts that I know will fit my bike. It eliminates any potential confusion. When I clicked the link, a little popup opened with drop-down menus for year, make and model.

jpcycles2 copyOnce I made all the selections for my motorcycle, the results were a lot more manageable. Once I started looking at the products, I noticed some things that I found really cool. This site indicated which items are new, or made in the USA, which is a nice comparison tool. It indicates whether the item is in or out of stock, and gives some general shipping info. Also, notice how there are two prices: the Everyday Low Price, and the Gold Club Price. By showing this on every product, it certainly peaks a shopper’s interest in the Gold Club. I sure want to learn more!

jpcycles1 copy

I clicked on a product to learn more details on the product page. Here again, I saw the two price options. Next to the Gold Club price, there was a little link labeled What’s This? Hovering over it opened a small description of the rewards program, directing the user to click to find out more. I like how J & P Cycles starts promoting this program in the very first results or category page, then continues on the product page. It’s like a trail of breadcrumbs leading the shopper to take the step toward enrolling in the Gold Club.

jpcycles3 copy

I clicked on the link, which opened a new tab full of information on the Gold Club. I lists all the benefits of membership, plus gives customer testimonials and a video all about the program, all with a link to join from this page. I like this for the simplicity, the multimedia integration, and the CTA.

jpcycles4 copyI didn’t join here, but instead headed back to the product page and added the fender to my cart. When I did this, I was redirected to my cart, which displayed another incentive for joining the Gold Club. At the top, there is a box comparing the regular price with the Gold Club price, including shipping and the cost of membership. When it’s broken down like that, I could see how I would be getting so many more benefits for only $6 more on this order. Hard to resist an offer like that! This is very clever on the part of J & P Cycles, and I have to congratulate them on this tactic.

jpcycles5 copyJ & P Cycles does a great job throughout their ecommerce site of drawing attention to their Gold Club program. From the first results page all the way to the checkout, shoppers are reminded of the benefits of becoming a member, without feeling like they’re being harassed into doing so. I know I’ll be joining, so they’re strategy is definitely working! Keep up the good work, and enjoy your Badge of Honor!



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