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Google’s New Feature of Transferring Money Using Gmail Would Give Ecommerce a Strong Boost (PRWeb)

“According to a report on May 15, 2013 on CBS Local, Google users would now be able to actually transfer cash though attachment allowing them to make person-to-person payments online with consummate ease. Till recently, Gmail users could only transfer large files through attachments. According to Samuel Junghenn, founder of Cheap Website Designs, a company which offers one of mostaffordable ecommerce web design services online, this latest announcement by Google would prove to be a boon for thousands of small ecommerce companies which struggled to offer their global customers with a reliable online payment system.”

iPhone users engage far more in m-commerce than Android users (Internet Retailer)

“Consumers with Apple smartphones use those devices to make and research purchases more often than do other mobile shoppers, Forrester reports. It also suggests that companies are increasingly seeing the importance of mobile investments.”

Vast majority of smartphone shoppers encounter problems (Internet Retailer)

“71% of U.S. smartphone owners say they use their devices to shop, and among smartphone shoppers, 88% have experienced negative issues, a new survey of 2,085 U.S. smartphone users from Harris Interactive says.

What’s even more alarming for retailers, 30% of smartphone shoppers who have experienced negative issues say they will never return to that retailer’s site, finds the survey, which Harris conducted on behalf ofmobile commerce technology provider Skava.”


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