Finding the right yarn from Lion Brand

I’ve been feeling in the DIY mood lately, and during an online search for projects, I came across Lion Brand Yarns’ ecommerce and pattern site. This website is a great destination for both ideas and shopping, because it offers thousands of free patterns for knitting and crocheting, plus all the supplies you’ll need for the project. However, I did come across a few issues on this site, particularly while browsing for yarn. Take a look.

When I arrived on the Lion Brand Yarns site, I immediately clicked on the Shop option in the left navigation. The main online store page showcases a few products along the top, and a link to the clearance section. Underneath that, there are links to browse the patterns and yarn, specifically calling attention to all the colors they offer. One thing that’s odd here is this little section called “All the Extras” doesn’t contain a clickable link, while the other two do. Kind of odd… Although there is a link for this section in the left navigation, I would suggest adding a link here as well for consistency’s sake.

lionbrand copy

I clicked on the link to browse the yarns, and this is where I came across the biggest issue I have with this ecommerce store. There is a drop-down menu at the top of the page that contains all the different types or brands of yarn in alphabetical order, and there are quite a lot. This is the only sorting option available here, which seemed strange to me. I checked in with a knitter friend of mine, who told me that when you’re following a pattern, the type of yarn is the most important selection. However, I find it funny that this site would draw special attention to how many colors they offer, and then not provide a color filter. Color availability could certainly be a determining factor is someone’s search for yarn, and I would suggest adding some refinement options to this page.

lionbrand2 copy

The individual yarn types on this page don’t even indicate how many color options are available. I clicked on the first yarn type to find out, and I discovered it comes in 9 colors, which are displayed below the product discription. Maybe on the previous category page, there could be swatches, or a line of text saying “Available in 9 colors,” or even a Quick Shop option to open a small pop-up window showing the color options. The main point is, it would be nice to know what colors I can get without having to navigate back and forth from this page.

lionbrand3 copy

Another common sorting option that’s missing from this site is the option to sort by price. I wanted to see which yarns were on sale, so I went to the clearance section. Here, browsing was even less simple. There are no sorting options at all! That menu allowing shoppers to choose the yarn type isn’t even available, so people basically have to click through 11 pages of results. This doesn’t make for a very helpful clearance section.

lionbrand4 copy


My main suggestion for Lion Brand Yarns is to add more sorting and refinement options to make it easier for shoppers to find the right yarn. They have so many options, it’s time consuming to browse them all. Color and price filters might be a good place to start!


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