Mobile Badge of Honor: The Container Store

We are getting really excited about mobile here at Ecommerce Outtakes. Not long ago, we gave our first ever mobile Badge of Honor to the Will Call ticket app. Today, another mobile Badge of Honor goes out to The Container Store. As mobile ecommerce sites go, this one is tops. Take a look at what we like so much!

The home page for The Container Store’s mobile site is super simple, which I love. The main visual element is a rotating banner highlighting three promotions, and below that is a menu of options neatly contained in these little grey boxes. Each box turns a different color when you click on it. It’s perfectly organized, just like the lifestyle this brand promotes!



containerstore2Of course, I clicked on the Shop box in the upper left. I couldn’t show it here, but the site does a cool animation when you make a selection, where the boxes all sort of pop out and rotate. It’s a nice addition that gives the site a little something extra, without getting too fancy with bells and whistles.

When I landed on the main shopping page, I found a menu of broad categories. Basically the site funnels the user along, selecting increasingly specific categories, so that you end up with a manageable amount of results. Personally, I think it’s a good tactic to keep people from being overwhelmed with products.


From the main Shop page, I chose the Kitchen category, then the Food Storage subcategory, then the Canisters sub-subcategory. When I got here, I was able to select some refinement options, which is another great feature of this mobile ecommerce site. Shoppers can sort by New Arrivals, Price, Top Rated, or Best Sellers, or they can select a price range. They can even chose from the color options of clear or metal, which are specific to the products offered in this category. I love how easy they make it!



Here’s another aspect of this site I like. When I got to a product page, I found some clear, high-quality product images. Right over the image is an instructional CTA: “Tap tap to zoom.” It’s nice that they give the user cues to help them utilize the full functionality of the mobile site to get the best experience!



Beyond adding items to your cart, the product pages also have several great options at the bottom. You can pickup your order at a store location, which is such a nice option. Also, you can open up sections to show you more product details or related items. I like that this is optional, rather than automatically thrown onto the page. It makes it easy for a shopper to quickly and easily make their purchases, or go more in-depth into the shopping experience if they choose to. I’m all about giving people options but not being intrusive about it.


To sum up, I really like the whole browsing experience on The Container Store’s mobile ecommerce site. It’s easy to navigate, simple to drill down as you go, and provides refinement options and great product images. To top it off, it’s as clean and organized as any Container Store shopper aims to be. Great mobile work, guys. Enjoy your Badge of Honor!



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