Ecommerce Snapshot: Betty Mills

While searching for a new site to buy cleaning and business supplies for the office, I found myself on the Betty Mills Company ecommerce site. Looking over the home page, I noticed several mentions of their Snack Rewards program. There’s a little link to it at the top of the page, and another one above the View Cart button, and then a whole box about it on the right. Okay, you’ve mentioned it three times in one page… You’ve got my attention!

bettymills1 copy

The box on the right included a Sign Up button, so I clicked on it to see what the deal is with this Snack Rewards program. It brought me to a new page that looked like this:

bettymills2 copy

I did want to learn more before I actually signed up for the program. Will I really never pay for snacks again, like it claims? What are the details? I saw a small link to Learn More, so I clicked. A small popup window appeared, as you can see below. But unfortunately, I didn’t learn anything more about Snack Rewards. The window was completely blank!

bettymills3 copy

Well that’s not very helpful. I had to navigate back to the home page and find a different link to take me to a page where I could learn more about this program. And when I finally got there, the only information was a video about Snack Rewards. Videos are fine, but sometimes it’s nice to be able to quickly read something rather than spend the time to watch a video. I would suggest adding some text in addition.

All I’m asking is that if your site is going to promote a program so heavily, it should be easy for shoppers to find out the details of the program. Make it easy, Betty Mills!


1 Comment

One Comment

  1. Posted June 25, 2013 at 12:26 pm | Permalink

    Hello – and thank you for the review and the interest you have taken in our site! I followed the steps to the ‘learn more’ link and the window opened, but in my case our Snack Rewards video did open, However your comments are very helpful and I will be forwarding your review to our team to see if we can improve the experience.

    Thanks !
    CEO, BettyMills

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