Mobile Outtake: Open Sky

I have used social ecommerce site Open Sky to browse for products ever since I heard about it. This site puts a unique spin on shopping, allowing you to follow celebrities to see their curated picks, as well as see what your friends like. However, I came across some issues when I tried to shop on Open Sky on my phone. The mobile site is definitely not as user-friendly as the desktop version.

My main problem is with the confusing set of menus you encounter when you first arrive on the site. Basically, you need to make a selection from each of these four menus in order to browse easily, but the site doesn’t make this very clear. At first these look like sorting menus, so it took me a while to figure out what I was supposed to do here. The first drop-down lets you choose a time frame:


Then the second menu allows you to choose from Newest, Most Popular, or Best Selling. The third menu gives you the option of either Products or Stores, and since I am not entirely sure what a store is on this site, I stuck with products. Finally, the last menu provides a selection of all the available categories.

image (1)

I selected the Kitchen & Food category to browse the products. Now within the category, the site provides some buttons to help shoppers narrow things down further. Some are subcategories, like Bakeware and Food, while others are characteristics, like Clearance and Free Shipping. It isn’t immediately obvious if you can choose more than one… Again, this site proves to be a little confusing.

image (2)When I selected Food, I got even more of these refinement buttons. So many, in fact, that it took up the whole screen! I can scroll down and start browsing the whole category, but I think it would be an improvement if these options were in a drop-down menu, rather than these buttons you can’t avoid. It creates a lot of clutter. Also, I would be nice to be able to sort by price here as well!

photo (1)

I would really suggest Open Sky create a more intuitive mobile experience. Make the filtering menus clearer, condense those sub-category buttons into a clean drop-down menu, and provide the ability to sort by price. I know Open Sky has a mobile app as well, but some improvements on the site would help shoppers who don’t use the app find new products, too.



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