What’s the deal, Ideeli?

There are plenty of flash sale ecommerce sites out there, including the likes of Gilt and Rue La La. Well ideeli is another similar members-only site that I have been browsing and shopping on for quite a while. Actually, I’m surprised that it took me so long to notice all the problems I have with this site… How did I not write about it before?!

I guess it all came to the surface when I got a particular email from ideeli, which you can see below. Most of ideeli’s emails look similar to this. They show a brand, an image of one or two products, and a very short description of the sale. But this one for Adrienne Maloof really caught my eye. Excuse me, but am I supposed to know what “RHOBH” stands for? What the heck are we talking about here?

ideeli1 copy

I clicked on the image to see if I could find out more. Each image in the email links directly to that particular sale on the ecommerce site. The problem here is that there is still a big lack of information. This page would be the exact place to put a short paragraph on the designer and what they’re all about. In other words, a great spot to feature some info about Adrienne Maloof and what “RHOBH” stands for, so I don’t have to do a Google search to find out. Unfortunately, that’s missing from all the brand pages on ideeli.

ideeli2 copy

I would strongly suggest ideeli add more here. A little bit of background on the designer and their products would be really helpful for shoppers to know. Take a page from Fab’s book, like this example below:

ideeli4 copy

Even when you try to browse other sales on ideeli, the drop-down menus at the top don’t do much to help either. If you aren’t familiar with the designers or brands, looking at the menu wouldn’t help you find what you want. How do I know which option will show me dresses, or jeans, or lingerie? It’s hard to tell. Some do give very short descriptions, like “evening gowns & dresses” or “activewear,” but others offer nothing at all. And the icing on the cake is that there’s no search function on the site, so I can’t even search for “dresses” and see all the options.

ideeli3 copy

I would really suggest that ideeli provide shoppers with easier ways to find what they want. Provide better descriptions in these drop-down menus, or add more categories, like dresses, activewear, lingerie, etc., and add a basic search function. Also, adding information about the brand or designer would be nice as well. In case you were curious, I did do a quick search on Adrienne Maloof and discovered that RHOBH stands for Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, which is a reality show she was on. Sure, it’s easy enough to clear up, but I would rather have all the information in one place!


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