A Facebook fiasco with Fevrier Designs

Like so many of us with iPhones and other smart phones, I’m always using social media on my phone. Last week, I was browsing the Facebook mobile site when I noticed one of the promoted posts. This post was for an ecommerce site called Fevrier Designs. The picture they featured showed some really cute iPhone 5 cases, and one in particular caught my eye. See that one with the ice cream cones on it? I love it!


I headed to the Fevrier Designs site to check it out this iPhone 5 case. However, I ran into a big problem. It isn’t here! In fact, the entire “iPhone Holders” category is empty. What’s the deal?

fevrierdesigns4 copy

I went back to the Facebook post and asked why I couldn’t purchase these items on the ecommerce site. A representative from Fevrier Designs responded, telling me that the phone cases won’t be available on the site until next month. Such a bummer… Another aspect here is that the Fevrier Designs page didn’t moderate the offensive comment above mine. I didn’t notice it at first either, but it would be a good idea to delete that one!


Well this was pretty disappointing. I can understand promoting your products on Facebook, but featuring ones you don’t even carry? It’s kind of frustrating for the shopper. If you’re giving a preview of what’s upcoming on your ecommerce site, at least give people a heads up. Otherwise customers will be frustrated when they can’t buy what you’ve shown them!



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