Mobile Outtake: ASOS

I was doing some shopping on my phone, and I headed over to the ASOS mobile site to scope out their maxi dresses. I like the ASOS regular ecommerce site, and in fact, we’ve written about it here on the blog a couple of times (like when we gave them a Badge of Honor for their cool “reverse filtering” option). Sadly, I have to report that the mobile experience doesn’t stack up. Take a look.

I entered “maxi dress” into the search field to get things started. There were some options to refine my results, so I selected a size, then sorted by price (low to high). As I started to scroll through the products though, I noticed a little problem. Some of the product names were cut off, and for others, the “More Colours” tag was partially hidden. This is pretty annoying. Since the full names of the items don’t fit, you have to go to the product page to find out. Also, with that “More Colours” button half covered, it’s hard to click on. Take a look at this example below.

asosmobile1 copy

I wanted to see the other color options for this dress, so I headed to the product page. Once I got there, I scrolled down to the bottom and found another weird issue. Look how many links are provided here. I can understand trying to suggest other areas of the site that a shopper may want to visit, but this is just too much.

asosmobile2 copy

I clicked the back button to return to my search results and browse some more maxi dresses. But when I got back to this page, I realized that the products were no longer sorted by price (low to high) like I had entered. Although it still displayed the option I had chosen, the items were clearly all mixed up. The dresses I had seen before were in the $20-$30 range, but there are $69 and $108 dresses at the top.  How weird! It’s pretty frustrating that my filter reset when I navigated to a product page, and I would strongly suggest fixing this feature. Mobile shoppers don’t want to re-select the sorting options they want every time they return to the page. They’re likely to get fed up and try another site.

asosmobile3 copy

It’s time to take a closer look at your mobile ecommerce site, ASOS. These problems, especially the resetting sorting menu, should really be fixed in order to improve the shopping experience. Your mobile customers matter, too!


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