Badge of Honor: redesign

Okay, time for some real talk. I am going to be honest, and tell you that I shop on the ecommerce site¬†a lot. My apartment is gradually filling with awesome design that I’ve bought from this site. I love checking out what’s new each day, and I always discover something cool I’ve never seen before. That said, I haven’t always been thrilled with the user experience on the site. Back in December, I wrote a post about their strange search function, suggesting that they update this feature. Well earlier this week, I received an email from Fab announcing the redesign of the site, which includes (you guessed it) an updated search function. The other updates are great too, and for that, Fab earns today’s eCO Badge of Honor. Let’s take a look at what’s new.


Check out the new search function. Now, like the older version, it starts to suggest products on the site as you type into the field. However, previously there was no option to see all the possible results. The new search function offers an expanded version, as you can see below. I tested it out using the same example as before, when I searched for “wine.” This time, instead of showing me only products, it first showed categories, including Wine Storage, Wine Coolers, and Wine Accessories. Below that, some products were displayed, and at the very bottom, I could select View All Results. So much better!

newfab2 copy

When I chose the View All Results option, it gave me a page of products with some nice refinement options, including filters in the left navigation. This page was something Fab lacked before this redesign, and it was my main complaint with the search function. I’m definitely glad to see it here now!

newfab3 copy

I’m a fan of some of the other new features as well. Another area Fab focused on was making the site more social, which is a bit funny to me, since this site already seemed to me to be far more social than your average ecommerce site. It already had the Feed, which shows what other people are buying and sharing on the site. Now, they’ve added a bar on the right of the page that shows visitors what’s Trending, or what items people are adding to their carts or their favorites list. Basically, it brings the features of the Feed out onto the home page, rather than a page you have to click away to visit. It draws your attention to the social aspects of the site without being too intrusive. I think it’s a ¬†nice addition.

newfab4 copy

As an avid Fab fan, I’m happy to see these updates to the site. It’s good to know that this company is really taking into account the needs of their users into their redesign! Thanks for listening, Fab, and enjoy your Badge of Honor.





  1. Posted May 3, 2013 at 1:05 pm | Permalink

    I got the same email and wondered when you’d write this =) They did a pretty good job. They took an interesting approach to keeping the facets within the viewport that I’ve seen a few times, but their execution is nice.

  2. ECOTTAdmin ECOTTAdmin
    Posted May 3, 2013 at 1:34 pm | Permalink

    Well you’ve definitely got me figured out if you knew I’d be writing about Fab, haha! Glad you’re also digging the redesign.

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