How do you prefer your ecommerce discounts?

I received this email from ecommerce retailer Online Shoes the other day. The email talks about this 20% off sale and shows some of the shoes available with this offer. However, it’s a bit confusing because there’s no discount code, and it’s not very evident how you get the discount. Take a look:

onlineshoes copy

I clicked through on “Shop Mens” to head to the Online Shoes website anyway to find out more. When I got to the sale, I was still confused. All the products are displaying at the regular price. The email didn’t provide a code for me to use, so I’m not exactly sure how to get the sale price…

onlineshoes1 copy

I ended up adding a pair of shoes to my cart, and then it finally showed me the sale price. In fact, I went back to the email and read the fine print, and it did say this was the case, but it’s in very small text at the bottom. Once I was actually on the website, I didn’t see this information anywhere. Aside from that fine print, how would I have known to add the shoes to my cart to find out the price?

onlineshoes2 copy

Of all the options for offering discounts in ecommerce, this one used by Online Shoes is my least favorite. I would rather see a discount code in the email that I can apply, or even better, simply see the discounted prices right when I land on the shopping page. It shouldn’t be complicated to get a deal!

What do you think? Weigh in on the issue:

When offering an ecommerce sale...
...what's the best method for giving the discount?
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