Mobile Snapshot: Sears

I was shopping on my phone the other day just using the Google shopping results. The first retailer that came up with the product I wanted was Sears, so I headed to their mobile ecommerce site to find out more. The price was right, so I added the item to my cart and headed to the checkout. But when I began the checkout process, I ran into a big problem. Take a look:

searsmobile copy

The checkout form isn’t secure! The “https” is broken, as indicated by the red x, right in the URL. Not a good sign… I’m definitely not going to continue this purchase if I can’t trust the security of the checkout. Sears, a mobile ecommerce site is pretty pointless if it’s not secure. People won’t buy things if they can’t feel confident giving their card information!

Have you ever come across a bad mobile commerce site? Let us know in the comments, and we may just feature it in our Mobile Outtakes section!

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