Badge of Honor: Standout Ecommerce Emails

We featured some posts a couple weeks ago on Ecommerce Outtakes about some email marketing issues that were driving us crazy. Remember the stale, redundant subject lines, or getting way too many emails from one retailer? Annoying. So when some actually cool emails made their way into my inbox, I definitely took notice. In fact, I’m giving a Badge of Honor to these ecommerce emails for grabbing my attention so well. Here’s to you, ILWYW, Alexander Wang and Urban Outfitters, for bringing something better to the table: animation.

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First thing’s first: I LOVE this email from ILWYW (I Like What You’re Wearing) Magazine. I wrote about their website before, but in fact, at the time of this post, their site is on┬áhiatus. That aside though, their emails are on point, and this one in particular is a great example of using animation to enhance an email. The subject line for this one was “Read + Shop the new issue of ILWYW Magazine.” When I opened it, the first thing to greet my eyes was this cool animated gif:

Definitely a great way to grab a reader’s attention! As you scroll through the rest of the email, you can read about the different trends ILWYW is featuring, and click through to the website to shop. At the end, it closes with another animation of this same model. Such a cool way to bookend the email and keep things fresh!

Another brand that really brought it with animation in their emails is Alexander Wang. With their new Spring 2013 line of glow in the dark clothes and accessories, they decided the best way to showcase the color-changing feature of the product was with a gif image–and I agree. This image is all that’s contained in the email, but it packs a big punch. Not only is the animation eye-catching, it also allows you to experience the product in a way. There’s definitely a “wow” factor here!

Lastly, let’s take a look at an email from Urban Outfitters. Want to highlight a particular product, like a shirt, but you want to find an interesting way to show different colors and styles? No problem. Take a page from UO’s book and animate it. In this email, the images flip between three pictures of the model showing three different ways to wear this shirt. This is definitely a great way to show the versatility of the item within a limited space. When you can show more options, you’re likely to get more people to click through to the site to make a purchase.

Animation isn’t the only way to make your ecommerce emails stand out, but it sure is an excellent strategy. Each of these emails from ILWYW, Alexander Wang and Urban Outfitters are attention-grabbing because of the animated gifs. People get bored with the same old emails from retailers. Catch their eye with something cool like this, and you’re on your way to getting them to shop on your site.

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