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Flattr Now Monetizes The Like Economy By Connecting Social Accounts With Payments (TechCrunch)
“Flattr launched back in July 2010 as a sort of ‘Facebook Like’ but with real money involved. A user that sets up a Flattr account pays a monthly fee — a minimum of $2 — that they are willing to contribute for any kind of online content. When the user finds something they like that has a Flattr button nearby, they can click the button to reward the content provider. The trouble is, Flattr needs publishers. They gota few, but still there were scaling issues. Now they may have hit upon the correct model: Allowing users to connect social accounts.”

Analytics In Hand, Pinterest Takes Its Discovery-Friendly Desktop Redesign Global; iOS And Android Updates Coming Soon (TechCrunch)
“On the back of a new analytics product designed to help brands and others better track how well their pinned content is progressing through Pinterest’s millions of pinboards, today the image-based social network is rolling out a new redesign. This is the new look with bigger pictures and more discovery features that it first began testing back in January, with the proviso that if it proved popular it would roll it out more widely. Today, it said it would be turning it on for everyone, with invites to all appearing soon.”

Will The New York Times Redesign Lead To A New Web Standard? (FastCoDesign)
“The latest conversation in web design has been, how do we reimagine the web for a mobile device? Do you design your mobile site first, then supersize it for PCs? Or do you wrap all that content in an app and bring special functionality to tablets?

For most websites, it’s an ongoing debate between aesthetics and user experience. But for the New York Times, the stakes are much higher. The way a story is consumed is intrinsic to its meaning–even its perceived veracity.”

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