Victoria’s Secret’s not so sexy ecommerce problem

Victoria’s Secret is an absolute giant in the lingerie game. Pretty much everyone knows this brand and has come across one of their hot-pink storefronts at some point or another. I was browsing around on their ecommerce site though, and I found some issues that really hold back the shopping experience. Check it out.

Personally, I don’t think I’ve ever bought anything from Victoria’s Secret for full price. Whenever I go to the stores, it’s during one of their sales or special offers. So when I was on the ecommerce site, I immediately navigated to the Sales & Specials section. From here, I decided to check out the Sleepwear category to see what kind of deals I could find. When I got to the Sleepwear page, I only found two filtering options: style and size. For the record, when I later browsed around other sections of the site, I discovered that most pages only offer one or two filters, which is not enough in my opinion. Especially because the ability to sort by price is never an option. I would really suggest adding some kind of price filter or sorting menu.

vs1 copy

Okay, so let’s say I pick Lingerie from the Style filter. I want to see the very first product, the pleated babydoll, so I click through to the product page. Now here, I run into some more problems. First of all, there’s only one product image. Again, this is true pretty much across the site. I can zoom in on the picture, sure, but that doesn’t help me figure out what this item looks like from the back. For that matter, what do the straps look like? I can’t quite tell, because the model’s hair is covering them up.

vs2 copy

Another thing that’s strange to me here is that there aren’t any customer reviews to be found. In fact, my first instinct when I couldn’t see more product images was to at least read some reviews and see what other people think of the item.┬áConsidering how loyal, and sometimes fanatical, many women can be about this brand, I would imagine it would be a great addition to this ecommerce site. This is such a missed opportunity… However, I will say that┬áVictoria’s Secret does do a ┬ánice job of the cross sale here by suggesting other products “you’ll also love” at the bottom of the product page.

I decided to look back at the Lingerie sale page again. However, when I clicked the back button on my browser, I was taken to the main Sleepwear page. The filter had reset. This site allows you to select a filtering option, but once you navigate to a product page, it doesn’t save your selection when you want to go back. The filters reset every time. So annoying! I would strongly suggest an update that saves a shoppers selections so they don’t have to keep performing the same functions over and over. It makes for a frustrating shopping experience.

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