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Scaling Content: Marketers Must Adapt To Ecommerce, MCommerce Shifts (MediaPost)
“As the e-commerce and m-commerce channel shifts accelerate, companies that are unable to maintain market shares from one channel to the next will suffer. During a SEMPO L.A. roundtable on retargeting Wednesday night at Google in Venice, Calif., Magnetic CEO James Green said attribution across channels will become one of the most important strategies for 2013.”

ShopPad Makes ECommerce Stores Tablet-Friendly, Goes Head-to-Head With Shopify’s App (Betakit)
“Using ShopPad merchants can get set up for tablet by authorizing the app and enabling the plugin. The company facilitated over $1 million in sales in December 2012, and currently powers the tablet version for over 15 per cent of Shopify’s stores, which according to their 2012 retrospective, comes in at just under 42,000. The company also raised just under $200,000 in December so they could start focusing on ShopPad full-time.”

What happens when 5th avenue fashionistas meet Silicon Alley hackers (PandoDaily)
“In short, it was nothing like your typical hackathon. I spied exactly zero behoodied computer science students sleeping in the audience. The handful of regulars I see at all of these hackathons seemed terribly out of place sitting in front of a runway and sipping champaign at the event’s reception. But it didn’t feel predatory, or even snobby, really. The innovations — social media optimization, color-based marketing personalization, commerce on Tumblr, sound a lot like the legit businesses I get pitched on regularly. They didn’t exist a week ago — now they’re hacking fashion.”

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