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Back in December, we featured on the blog for some weird filtering and wording issues we found on their site. Well today we’re taking a look at their partner site, I was shopping on the site today and noticed something particularly confusing about the checkout process…

I found a deal on some Wahl grooming tools, so I added the Lithium Ion Shaver to my bag. I had actually created an account on the site from a previous purchase, so I just logged in with my email address. All my shipping and billing information was already filled in, so it seemed like I was ready to go. But then I noticed I had accidentally added 2 products to my bag when I only wanted one. Usually, I would expect that the quantity would be an editable field. I should be able to delete the 2, enter a 1, and press an “Update” button. However, this isn’t the case on Here, I have to click the “change quantities” button…

drugstore1 copy

Now what you can’t tell from this screenshot is that the “place your order” button is below the fold. If you don’t scroll down enough, you won’t see it, which makes this even more confusing. It’s not a stretch to think that by clicking the “change quantities” button, you’re actually checking out. Especially when it takes you to a page that looks like this:

drugstore2 copy

Here’s that editable quantity field I was talking about! Why can’t it be on that first page, and avoid this step all together? This is not a very intuitive checkout design. I would suggest that create an editable quantity field in the first step of the checkout to simplify this process. I’m willing to bet this little fix would increase conversions!


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One Comment

  1. Posted February 14, 2013 at 1:13 pm | Permalink

    Check out the way Amazon does qty edits. You just change the field and a link magically appears. That ensures it’s nearby and something alerts you in that the document changes. Also, ideally, adding to cart twice wouldn’t actually increment unless the qty is greater. That way back, fwd isn’t destructive. That’s probably how you added the item twice, right?

    So there are 2 ways to fix this:

    1. Avoid the double-add user-error completely.
    2. Make it easier to fix even if it does happen.

    That change qty button does actually really look like you’re checking out. Even if they don’t fix it, it would probably even be better to remove that because you might click it even if you don’t want to edit qty and wonder what just happened. I could totally see myself doing that, in fact.

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