Competitive Coupons in Ecommerce?

I was parking in NYC the other day when I saw a sign that got me thinking:

Sure, retailers accepting their competitors’ coupons is nothing new. The logic is sound: if your competitor is offering a coupon and you’re not, you’ll lose customers to your competitor. Accept their coupons, and you’ll encourage loyalty and draw bargain hunters as well. It makes sense, and plenty of retailers do this… in their brick-and-mortar stores. Check out Walmart’s price match policy: “Available in stores only.”

couponmatch copy

But how about in ecommerce? Is accepting competitors coupons online a viable option, considering the huge amount of coupons and discounts floating around on the Internet? Some retailers are taking a crack at it. Petsmart has an online Price Matching Guarantee, which specifically excludes prices advertised on Ebay. For online price matching at Office Max, you have to complete a Price Match Request email template, and this policy has even more exclusions.

Accepting competitors coupons online can certainly get complicated, but it can also have some serious benefits. It may just be worth the hassle for higher traffic, increased conversions, and greater brand loyalty… or is it?

What are your thoughts on this topic? Let us know in the comments!



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