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The USPS Needs Help! It Doesn’t Have The Technology To Keep Up With E-Commerce (Business Insider)
“That’s why [the USPS] posted a “request for information” on a U.S. government website. It’s looking for advice from private companies or individuals about routing packages, though it’s not offering any compensation right now, Elvina Nawaguna at Reuters reported.

The USPS needs a “dynamic routing system” so that it can deliver packages more efficiently outside its everyday routes. It also wants to offer services like same-day delivery and store pickups.”

Ecommerce is now a trillion dollar industry: here’s how it happened (MemeBurn)
“A recently released eMarketer report estimates that Business 2 Consumer (B2C) ecommerce sales rose 21.1% in 2012 to a stunning one trillion US dollars. This all-time high figure is predicted to increase a further 18.3% to US$1.298-trillion in 2013.”

Consumers at leisure prefer mobile devices (InternetRetailer)
“Mobile traffic in the fourth quarter of 2012 peaked on Christmas Day, when almost one-third of all e-commerce traffic came from smartphones (16.05%) and tablets (15.57%), according to Monetate, a provider of personalization, testing and analytics technology to web retailers. The rest of the traffic came from desktop and laptop computers. That supports other  data that suggest consumers are more likely to reach for a mobile device to browse the web when they are at leisure, usually on weekends and holidays, says Evan LePointe, vice president of digital marketing agency Search Discovery Inc., who provided commentary in Monetate’s report.”

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