H&M Deutschland ist Wunderbar

H&M has severely delayed the opening of their North America ecommerce store and it has left all us wondering whether or not H&M is serious about ecommerce. Why would they delay for so long and even miss the 2012 holiday season? They are facing increasing competition from Spain’s Inditex (Zara) and Japan’s UNIQLO; the latter recently launched their US ecommerce store and earned a Badge of Honor here at ECommerce Outtakes. Fast fashion moves fast and H&M has been slow to the ecommerce race.

However, H&M does have ecommerce in some parts of Europe and it only takes a few minutes on H&M’s Germany ecommerce store to know that the company is very ecommerce serious. I will explain why the H&M Deutschland ecommerce store is a strong contender, why it deserves a Badge of Honor and why we should all be excited for their eventual US ecommerce launch.

See a particular piece that you like from the look? Simply hover over the piece and click on it and you will be taken to that product page. No need to be at the whim of a single link for the entire image, H&M did the work for you.

One of my pet peeves of some fashion ecommerce stores is they do everything right but get the easiest things wrong. I cannot understand why these fashion companies scout models, hire a photographer, rent a studio, mix and match with merchandising and not let people find the product when it looks best. These looks in the top banner look fantastic but on most fashion ecommerce stores you would be directed to a single product or category page when you click the image. H&M goes the extra mile and puts a unique link on each single piece, the shoes, pants, shirts and jackets. So far H&M has done everything right and it’s making me feel in control instead of being a prisoner of whatever link they attached to the image.

After being pleasantly surprised with the banner, I get back into buying mode because I know what I want. I am looking for a pair of maroon/red/cranberry pants to throw a splash of color into my everyday monochromatic black winter wear. I find a pair of pants and I am impressed with the product page because it’s full of cross-sales.

No matter if you love it, like it or want something a bit different. H&M has prepared all of the relevant products and looks on the bottom to direct you in the direction that you want.

If you are an ecommerce ‘hunter’ and you know exactly what you want or you are simply browsing then there is a cross-sale for you. If you like the look that H&M has created then you can travel the matching cross-sales they have. Maybe on the fence about the certain look? Then check out the cross-sales for similar products to tweak the look to better fit you. Even if these pants are not what you are looking for but you still need pants then there is a category cross-sale to other products. H&M covers every single angle for cross-sales. The product page is easy to read, it offers all the relevant information and it offers relevant cross-sales to leave you a way to continue shopping. Lastly, they have the anprobieren button which means to try on. See below to see how H&M and Looklet (featured here in the past)  teamed up to make the H&M ecommerce store a big win.


Looklet and H&M

Create your own look with all of the H&M products. Once you are done you are one click away from adding everything to your cart.

With Looklet, it becomes very easy to create all sorts of looks to see if your new purchases will match each other and what the fit would look like. I am a very big fan of this and I am sure that H&M is able to quicken their merchandising with the massive amount of SKUs that they have.

H&M makes shopping a very enjoyable experience. It’s very easy to find the products in banners, cross-sales are always relevant and you will never have to wonder if a piece will match the other ones that you are buying. Furthermore, H&M also offers a tablet site as well as a mobile site. All around, they make things easy and enjoyable, for these reasons we award H&M with a Badge of Honor. Our only closing words would be to please open up your North American store and to include all of these features which we love!

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