Ecommerce News: Social Media

10 Ways Merchants can use Google+ (Practical eCommerce)

“The continued growth of Google+, along with an increased understanding of the nature of the platform, has caused many companies to establish a presence there. Google has also positioned Google+ as a channel businesses can use. With that in mind, here are 10 ways you can take advantage of what the platform has to offer.”

Customers Just Want to be Tweeted Right (E-Commerce Times)

“What we’ve seen over the last two or three years are the ways that customers reaching out to companies for service have shifted away from being exclusively calls,” Terry Redding, director of development and delivery for CFI Group told CRM Buyer. “For the first time these non-call service channels have exceeded that 30 percent mark.”

Social Media Advertising Grows at the Expense of Other Channels (Internet Retailer)

“Indeed, only 29% of advertisers say social media advertising is effective and produces a measurable ROI. Another 33% say it “moves the needle when combined with other efforts, but I’m not sure how to measure ROI,” 33% say it offers promise but its effectiveness is unknown and 6% say they don’t think it works (The percentages add up to 101% due to Nielsen’s rounding).”

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