Merrell, where are your filters?

While browsing around various shoe websites, I came across several pairs of Merrell shoes I liked. To get more information and compare prices, I decided to go straight to the source and check out Although I’m generally impressed by their products, I was sadly not so impressed by the e-commerce site. Here’s why.

From the home page, I moused over the Women tab at the top to display this drop-down menu. Under Footwear, it allows you to choose from some categories and sub-categories, which seems like a good start.

merrell copy

I clicked on Shoes and started browsing through the results. There are some good sorting options here, like size and something Merrell calls “Benefits,” which include insulated, vegan friendly, waterproof, and more. Each of these benefits have a little icon that appears in the product image. When you hover over, it gives you more details. That’s a pretty cool feature.


Some of the shoes also have these labels along the top of the image, like Run, Train and Staff Picks. Unfortunately, these aren’t clickable, even though these categories exist under the “Collections” tab at the top of the page. It’s frustrating that you have to click away to a separate tab of collections, then select Running, to see all the women’s running products, for example. And what if you didn’t know to check under collections? You could enter “run” into the search function, but the results are all mixed up. There are men’s, women’s and kids’ shoes, and even clothes, with no options for filtering out what you don’t want. I would suggest turning those labels into categories within the Women’s and Men’s sections that shoppers can filter for, rather than having to navigate to Collections to find.

merrell3 copy

Lastly, I checked out the Clearance section of the site. I was pretty surprised to see there were no sorting options, no filters, and no refinements. Basically you just scroll down, first through women’s shoes, then men’s shoes, women’s clothing, and men’s clothing at the very end. I would really suggest adding even some basic sorting and refining options to this page, with a size filter being a high priority. In a sale or clearance section especially, not all sizes are available. In this case, you have to either click to a product page or click the Quick Look option to see what sizes are left.

merrell1 copy

What it really boils down to here is that this site is lacking in sorting and filtering capabilities. It makes the shopping experience slower and more frustrating than it has to be. Step your game up, Merrell, and simplify your site.

Have you ever purchased Merrell shoes?


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