Enough with the confusing coupon codes!

I received an email from Of a Kind, which is a really awesome site that features collections from up-and-coming designers and shares those designers’ stories. Usually I enjoy opening their emails and seeing what cool new apparel or accessories they have on the website. However, this particular email made me cringe. Take a look:

ofakind1 copy

Ugh where do I begin? This email is so confusing! With the exception of the first sale, Ace + Jig, each collection has a different coupon code, and most have different dates and discounts on top of that. It’s just too much to sift through. My suggestion would be to simply mark down all those discounts right on the site, and forget the coupon codes all together. Don’t make the customer do all the work to get the deal — make it easy. Then, send out a clean, simple email listing the brands that are on sale. Emails should entice people to come to your site, not scare them away with confusing coupon codes…

Of a Kind
What do you think about coupon codes?
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