ECommerce Snapshot – Paul Smith

Paul Smith is giving e-commerce a serious effort and their new website is a joy to explore. The new collections are pleasing on the eyes and the site is very fast.  After a couple of minutes of playing with the site, I did realize a little issue that may scare off people who are not very fashion forward, this became a bit clearer when I ran into a very colorful piece.

A lot of space that can be used up.

Simply put, this is an item that will catch the eye, but some shoppers may feel they can’t pull it off. They may hover over this item for a long time but the site doesn’t really give people confidence in it. It would be nice to provide some pictures of the scarf with some tops to give a better idea of how it would look with someone’s wardrobe. More importantly, and the big question of functionality here, is providing any sort of up-sale. It’s a fashion forward item, provide some conservative options for the fashion timid, or provide some other fashion forward items for the trendy. There is a lot of room to play with under the product description and you can cater to a lot of different people. 

The Paul Smith Scarf
Would you buy this scarf?

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