Sandro: Easy on the Eyes, Hard on the Mind.

Sandro creates collection after collection of slightly bohemian, retro yet elegant looks which are fan favorites with the Parisian hip. Sandro has been growing in recognition in the last few years and it is no surprise that they decided to start US e-commerce operations earlier this year. As a fan of the company, I find myself on the site but I end up buying more in person than on the site; I’ll explain why and towards the end I will offer some suggestions.

The shiny shirt under the vest at the bottom right caught my eye. Where my eyes go, my mouse goes but sadly I do not find what I want.

It’s the holiday season and I need to do some shopping for a significant other and it did not take long for Sandro to show me something that caught my eye. On the bottom right, there is a shiny piece that looks interesting.  After clicking  the image I found myself on a product page for a vest without any options to find the shiny long-sleeve that I saw before. A missed opportunity and so easy to fix!

Still motivated, I decided to check out the look book, maybe I would find my piece in there.  Pieces are assorted together to show off the best fit and look so it would make sense to find everything there. Sadly, I do not find the piece that I was looking for, but I did find another piece of interest.

Very short range of scroll on the image, unable to click the image or an individual piece to be directed to a product page. Lastly, as you scroll down you realize that there is text on the top left that is hidden because of black text on a black background.

I try to get a full look at the image but I really can’t. The scroll range is short, the image is very dark and I can’t buy anything from here. I clicked every inch of the image and there is no redirect to a product page. This is their lookbook, these are the tailored looks that are carefully put together but even when the clothes look their best, I don’t have the option to buy.

A bit frustrated, I start moving into the individual category pages and I find myself looking at a pair of pants that would make as the perfect gift. I try to add it to my cart and I am unable to. I even try multiple sizes and it turns out that the entire product is sold out on the site.

All sizes are sold out. Sandro’s site does not reflect whether or not products are sold out. Very misleading!

Sandro’s website has the same feeling a really cool magazine has. Everyone loves to pick up a magazine and flip through it but you never see anyone buy anything from a magazine. I get the same sort of vibe from Sandro’s website. I want to buy things but I basically can’t and I am left sitting here with my credit card in my hand. Feeling a bit defeated,  I decide to find out the physical locations but even there the website makes it a bit hard.

There is no Google Maps link or an image of a city map to make it easy. I don’t want have to copy and paste in a new tab; just imagine if I was on my phone!

Only because I am such a big fan of Sandro did I keep up the effort! Sure, the website looks great, but the functionality of the site makes you want more. An ecommerce website is a store and physical retail stores do not make it hard to buy things, neither should an ecommerce store. I understand Sandro is a creative company concentrated in their clothes,but this is a growing market for them with a lot of opportunity. Please look into this Sandro, I would like to buy more!
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