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I was in the market for some new makeup brushes, and as usual, I decided to see what I could find online. Since I encountered some issues with Sally Beauty last time I used their site, I thought I’d try instead.

The site is easy enough to navigate from the home page. I hovered over the Makeup tab at the top of the page, which displays the menu of categories. I even like how it highlights a couple of new products on the right side of this menu. Good merchandising efforts!

I clicked on the Brushes & Applicators category. The results were pages and pages of makeup brushes an applicators, along with some other products I hadn’t expected, like sharpeners and brush shampoo and cleanser kits. It’s a ton of products to sift through, so I looked over to the left navigation for some filters. I saw that there were options to filter by brand, color and price, and even to show only top rated items or new items. However, I couldn’t choose the type of product. I would love to see some sub-categories, like Brushes, Applicators, Sharpeners, Cleansers, etc. I would suggest adding that additional filtering option so that shoppers can eliminate some of the items they don’t want to see.

I decided to try a new tactic. I entered “makeup brush” into the search function at the top right of the page. I got the results page I wanted, showing only makeup brushes. There were lots of relevant filtering options on the left to help me narrow down my search, which is awesome to see. But something caught my eye on the first item. On the product image for the Klix Makeup Brush Set, there was a little line of red text that said “Special Offer.” Cool! But… What’s the offer? Will I get 20% off, or maybe a buy one get one free deal? Special offer is pretty vague, and it would be nice to know what the deal is right from this results page.

Well I guess I’ll bite. I clicked on the Klix Makeup Brush Set and went to the product page. Here I found out that if I buy $20 of Klix products, I can get a free replacement head. Not a bad deal. I would suggest providing more information on the results page though, like saying “Free Gift with Purchase” rather than “Special Offer.” If people know a bit more about special offer is up front, they may be more likely to click through and make a purchase.

I also noticed there is an “Offers & Perks” heading above this special offer box. This lead me to believe that maybe there was a whole section of the site that featured special offers like this one. That’s a page I would be very interested in seeing — who doesn’t love a good deal? However, this isn’t a clickable link, and I couldn’t seem to find an Offers & Perks section… Finally, I scrolled down to the very bottom of the page and found a link called “Gifts with Purchase.” Now we’re talking! Here are the other special offers from around the site, including the Klix deal I was looking at. I would suggest linking to this page from the product pages of those special offer items as well.

My suggestion for would be to fix up some of the filtering options, and to bring some consistency to the wording. Whether you want to call them “Special Offers,” “Offers & Perks,” or “Gifts with Purchase,” just pick a label and stick with it, and make easy-to-find links to that page. It’s confusing to shoppers to see these different titles on different pages of the site.


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