Thanks for Listening, Babesta!

A couple weeks ago, we wrote a post about Babesta, an NYC-based retailer that sells clothes and gear for babies and kids. There were a few things we thought needed some work on the site, and we were really excited to find out that the people at Babesta took our suggestions to heart. They sent us a tweet today that looked like this:

Awesome — they listened! We headed on over to the site, and sure enough, some great improvements have been made.

When navigating around the various categories of products, shoppers can now see the price of each item displayed on the category page, rather than having to click through to the product pages. This certainly makes browsing and comparison shopping a whole lot easier. For example, here’s the shirts category:

Great job, guys! However, one other thing we noticed about this page is that the price filter is a little misleading. It’s appears as an orange link in the upper right of the page, but clicking that doesn’t actually sort these results. Shoppers have to go to the “refine by” section in the lower left-hand navigation and click on price there to get the filter to work. It’s kind of confusing. Our suggestion is to keep the sorting options all in one place, whether it’s at the top or on the left, to avoid that confusion.

Thanks again for listening, Babesta. We’re glad we could help!

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