Piperlime’s Cool New Email Design

Back in September, I wrote a post about Piperlime and a misleading email they sent out. Basically, the email contained images of the items on sale in The Outlet, and one dress in particular caught my eye. But when I got to The Outlet, that dress was nowhere to be found because it had sold out. I made some suggestions, and the people at Piperlime were really cool about my feedback.

This time around, the email for The Outlet has a different look. Check it out:

This style is great, because it only shows the silhouettes of the products. Since Piperlime takes down the products from the page completely rather than listing them as out of stock, this email is a much better way to showcase these items and brands.¬†People won’t be misled into thinking they can buy an item from that picture, only to find it has sold out. Plus, this image is¬†intriguing, and makes you want to click through to find out more about these products. I think this is a nice improvement. Way to go, Piperlime!

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