I’ll pass on the ballet shoes, thanks

I was browsing through Zappos.com the other day, and I wanted to check out what they have in stock for running shoes. I navigated to Men’s shoes, then narrowed down my results by clicking on the Sneakers & Athletic shoes category. Next, I filtered by lowest price — after all, finding great deals is one of the best perks of shopping online! However, this is where I found some interesting results:

The first three products are ballet shoes. Sure, I realize ballet falls under the “athletic” part of the category, and they certainly have the lowest price, but this wasn’t exactly what I had in mind. Also, I noticed that the next items in my results were three Shimano adapters. Again, they do fit the low price sorting, but they aren’t exactly shoes.

Now, I have nothing against men who wear pink ballet shoes, but when I clicked on this item I came across another issue. The size options are pretty limited. The largest size available is 6.5, and I highly doubt this will fit the average men’s foot…

Because these items appeared at the top of my search, I had to keep scrolling down the page to get to the kinds of products I was interested in. Some better merchandising from Zappos could definitely help make this section easier to browse.

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