The Stockholm Syndrome Stops with Chrome

During the harsh Swedish Winter, all I could think about was taking off and getting back to the Mediterranean. But when Spring finally arrived, I found myself not using my new strength to leave but wanting to stay. The Baltic Sea lapping up against small cobble stone roads, the Scandi style and the lagom mindset convinced me to stay, or maybe I was a new victim of the Stockholm Syndrome; a hostage now defending the captor.

However, this Stockholm Syndrome does not translate well into all mediums or experiences and taking a visit over to the  Acne (Ambition to Create Novel Expression) Studios website, on an up-to-date version of Google Chrome, makes this clear. Acne Studios broke out from the very city where the Stockholm Syndrome was founded but the website leaves you frustrated not empathetic.

You realize you are being held hostage as soon as you visit the website. The first thing to come up is a giant prompt to sign yourself up for their newsletter. I am a very avid fan of the Scandi style and Acne Studios so I decided to sign up. A few minutes later, I wasn’t sure what was exactly happening.

An infinite load to sign up for a simple newsletter.

I decided to skip this and hit my escape key in order to shop around. The first thing that caught my eye was the outlet area but I couldn’t jump in until I signed up or logged in. My initial sign up attempt did not work, so I had to go over the process again. Lucky for me it turned out that the 2nd attempt worked out and my email was accepted as a new one.

Inspired by Hedi Slimane’s latest collection, I prowled around for some peasant or hobo chic pieces and I ran across some gloves that could keep me warm during New York’s upcoming Winter. Unfortunately to find these gloves, it took me a very long time because the outlet area loads all at once, forcing you to wait as your browser loads over a dozen high quality images. Once I found my gloves, I clicked on the item and I was presented with the item page. For some odd reason, the image comes up twice on the item page. My browser’s vertical scroll stretched, my internet connection stressed over the load and I waited as my browser crawled forward trying to process all of this unoptimized data.

The same image (675×900 pixels, 1.75mb each) presented twice and in an over-sized format.

I am not sure if Acne Studios is purposely trying to go for the Stockholm Syndrome effect by holding you at an infinite loop at the front page, slowing your browser down to load a dozen high quality images at a category page or to force you to load the same image twice of one particular item. Despite their intentions, it leaves you frustrated and bored as you putter along on their website wondering why things are coming up slow and in double.  They don’t even do the courtesy of downsizing the actual image so it takes some stress off your browser. I am already cringing for mobile users…

Inte Lagom Acne!


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