Payless, make the most of BOGO

There’s nothing like a “buy one, get one” sale, especially from the brand that practically coined the term BOGO: Payless. I was shopping around on their site, and I was actually surprised to find that the brand doesn’t do as much as it could to promote the deal it’s famous for.

My first issue with the Payless website is on the home page. The main image is a slideshow of the different items being featured, and you can use the menu on the left to find the image you want and click to stop the slideshow. It seems like you should be able to click on this menu to shop from that category, but it doesn’t link anywhere. I kept clicking on it over and over before I saw the tiny “Shop Now” button in the bottom right of the picture. When you click there, or any part of the picture, you can get to the products in the category. This isn’t a huge deal, but it’s not very intuitive.

A bigger problem I have is when you click through to the BOGO sale itself. First of all, it seems strange that the BOGO logos aren’t consistent. At the top of the page, the logo is white lettering in a yellow circle, but the logo that accompanies each of the product images is an orange square. My suggestion would be to keep the imagery the same to eliminate confusion for shoppers. In addition, you can get details about the sale by clicking the red bar at the top of the page, but not by clicking on the smaller orange logos. It might be a good idea to provide that information in more than one place, like in a pop-up window when you roll over the logo.

Another thing that I wish this site did was link through to brands from the product page. For instance, I clicked on this boot by Brash and I wanted to see what else this brand  has to offer. However, I can’t click on the word Brash and be taken to a list of their other shoes and accessories. I have to navigate instead to “Brands” at the top of the page, and then find Brash in an alphabetical list. If Payless created links on the product pages, this process could be so much simpler.

Finally, I think Payless misses an opportunity in the checkout part of the shopping process. If I proceed to checkout with only one item in my cart, it seems like the site should alert me to the BOGO deal and urge me to add another item to my cart. Even a small banner or pop-up window with a reminder about the sale would be good. It’s nice that they suggest more products along the right side of the page, but they could likely increase their average checkout ticket if they drew more attention to the BOGO sale.

Overall, I just feel like this website isn’t very intuitive. The things I would assume are links don’t actually lead anywhere, and I waste time navigating around the site. Also, they miss the chance to promote the BOGO sale at checkout. I would suggest that Payless reevaluate the usability of their online store to improve the shopping experience.

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