It’s the Little Things..

Who would have thought that a meat selling website would not only be in the top 500 Ecommerce websites but in the top 125! This list breaks it down and some of the rankings there are quite surprising. One of the most surprising results is Omaha Steaks which finds itself at the 124th position, ranking itself ahead of Dillards, Luxottica (Ray-Ban) and even Sephora! Omaha Steaks is obviously doing something very right and they have defintely caught my interest.

Heading over to their website, you find a very neat and organized website. The first item that catches my eye is the bundled meat package.


I am not an expert meat connoisseur and I am not sure if the pictures are generic photos or if they are specific.  Which ones are the filet mignon and which ones are the boneless strips? Omaha Steaks answers these questions for you by having the main photo change as you mouse over a line of text.

I may of had a little reservation before buying a bundle pack, because I would not really have a mental image of how much and what type of meat I would get. This little feature answers so many questions and puts many of my fears at rest. For this reason, I want to tip my hat to Omaha Steaks.

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