GMD-Girl Meets Downsale

Girl Meet Dress, or GMD,  is a dress rental business (dress ‘hiring’ for our friends across the pond). This isn’t the same dress rental place tucked away in that failing shopping corner which tries to pawn off ill-tailored dresses as haute couture. GMD is the opposite, they carry luxurious dresses for parties, proms or any other social gathering where 4 inch heels and an up-to-date fashion taste are appropriate.

GMD has spent a significant amount of time and effort securing some very high-end designers like Alexander McQueen, 3.1 Phillip Lim, Marc Jacobs, etc, but they are still struggling in some of the most basic ecommerce functions. This always crushes my heart when I see a company get so many hard things right, but falls short on some of the gimmes. It’s almost as if no effort is better than half an effort because these up sales don’t feel like they are bringing me up but down.

My socks match, my belt matches my shoes and I would never want to carry a clutch that clashes with my dress. Going with the same beat, I was hoping after I selected a 3.1 Phillip Lim tuxedo dress, that I could find matching accessories. GMD was nice enough to make some suggestions but they seemed out-of-step with the dress.

I see the purse in the product photos, but it is nowhere to be found in the cross-sale area. I’m not very interested in these suggested accessories which would “complete the look” so I decide to look elsewhere.

I decided to switch it up by looking at a completely different style. Instead of a well tailored, modern fitting tuxedo dress, I take a peek at a 1970s envelope clutch and I was hoping for a suggested dress to make a complete look. Instead, I was presented the exact same upsale that I was offered before. Now, I am really starting to feel bad because I don’t know what to really believe.

Are these earrings really going to complete the look, or are they just the least rented (hired) earrings? Is GMD making a real suggestion or do they just not want these earrings to collect dust? Why is there such a lack of effort with the cross-sales and upsales when all of the hard legwork has already been done trying to secure these excellent pieces.

Please make me believe GMD!

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