LuLu*s Double Trouble Filtering

Filters filters filters! It is very easy to ask a shop assistant for help in a store but in an online store, it can be more difficult to navigate especially if you are on a buget or if you are looking for something specific..

Lulu’s is a great place to go if you are looking for trendy clothes on a budget. That being said, I head straight for ‘What’s New’ to check out some of the new trends and what not. It brings up all the new stuff on the website including shoes, accessories and jewellery. I actually have a cocktail party coming up so I go to click ‘Dresses’ (from the navigation bar on the right) to see what they have to offer. From the landing page, I see that the dresses that are displayed are all dresses on the site and not just new dresses. There is no way to filter for just dresses or shoes or tops in the ‘What’s New’ category 🙁 I have to spend time going through about 10-11 pages..

I would have been really grateful for some filters for dresses, tops etc.. Shopping would also have been easier if there was a way to filter by price and even size. I ended up with nothing because for all the dresses I clicked on, my size was sold out… It would have been better to know before hand..

Another filter/ category issue I have with this site is that most of the categories are repeated. For example when I click on ‘Dresses’ from the main page, I have the same filters for ‘Dresses’ on the side and on the top of the page.. The space above the merchandise could easily hold price, color and size filters.


Check out what your site could look like with a little editing..


Get on it Lulus!

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