Minimal but a Full Experience

My lust to spend money and love for minimal clothes was rejected by Rag & Bone. I surrendered my wallet and my heart was crushed as I was teased and strung out trying to claw for something that was not. Desperate and alone, I retreat to an old love of mine, APC, aka Atelier de Production et de Création.

That one francophile friend that you met over wine and cheese may be the only person you know that can pronounce the full name, but pronunciation or not APC will always be good to you. Even with a casual glance, you can tell that things are serious at APC’s lookbook.


Elegant, alluring yet straight to the point. I shouldn’t have to strain my eyes or my hand trying to overcome an obstacle when I want to spend my money. APC gives us a well fitted look, and all the pieces right there one click away. The impulsive feeling in me has been awakened and I find myself looking at these boots.

One click later and I am exactly where I want to be. I almost feel like I should go for the home-run and get the matching pieces that are conveniently placed below. But, as the title says, nothing is worst than a man in love and I am head over heels with APC again. Now I have to explain to my wallet why it will be empty for the near future…

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