I’ve got a Bone to Pick..

You may not admit it, but I know that all of us have a little impulse buyer in us. I am not afraid to admit it and I am proud to show off some of the impulse buys that I have purchased because they end up being some of my favourite items. The skinny Prada ties that I bought on the Champs-Élysées left my wallet feeling shell-shocked, but are now one of my treasured items that make an appearance often. Or the circle-scarf that I bought from a struggling designer at the Berlin flohmarkt left me a bit unsure if I was being hustled, but it is now my go-to scarf. If I have that feeling and that urge to buy something, more often than not it’s a good idea.

But what happens when your impulse buying mood is running across needless obstacles? I want to buy something, I don’t want to maneuver the internet version of a boot camp obstacle course! I love shopping, it’s the ritual that I go through in order to show off a new look or style, but just because I love it, it doesn’t mean that it has to be eternal purgatory.

What am I talking about? I am talking about Rag & Bone’s website, which leaves you wanting more but you end up having less. This all started when I noticed a bump in my wallet and I wanted to relieve the pressure on the old worn down leather in my pocket.

Flipping through the Rag & Bone lookbook, I ran across a look that caught my eye.

I had my credit card in my hand and I was ready to break the bank but wait! There is absolutely no way to buy anything from this lookbook. Rag & Bone spent all the time designing some excellent clothes, they created a cool look, got a professional photographer, models and after all of this (costly) effort, they don’t let you buy it when it looks its best. That orange shirt is not going to look as good on the product page, nor will it look as good folded up in the store and it certainly wouldn’t look as good on me! It won’t look any better than that and my urge to buy is at an all time high, but I can’t do anything.

Feeling a bit frustrated and let down, I decided to jump into the Rag & Bone store; I had no idea that the teasing games were going to continue. I decided to switch things up a bit and go denim shopping. I ran across a new pair of jeans but oh my, I found something else!


My oh my, look at those boots! I could feel the impulse buyer inside of me frantically clicking at the shoes. Left click, right click, both clicks nothing! My hand begins to shake as I continue clicking, but I haven’t moved any closer to buying these boots. Exhausted and realizing that my efforts were useless, I give up and move on. Like any bad relationship, enough is enough and you have to go onto the next one, or in some desperate cases to an old lover. Say hello to… (To be continued soon)

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