Keep it Simple Sabon

I am shopping around for a few gifts on Sabon because they have a really great feature for finding gifts. So I check out a few items with the ‘Quick Shop’ tab (thinking it is the same as ‘Quick View’). All is well right now, I’m really enjoying browsing their site..

Until I scroll up and click ‘My Bag’…WHOA! I do not remember adding this many items to my cart! $206.56! What happened? And I have to click on each of them one by one to remove them from the cart.. Exhausting!

I need to re-trace my steps. I go back to the home page and click on ‘Quick Shop’ for one of the lotions.. OooOoohh I see! ‘Quick Shop’ does not mean ‘Quick View’. On Sabon’s page, clicking on ‘Quick Shop’ automatically adds items to your cart. OOPS. How did I not notice this?

Also, apparently if you scroll over each item, there is a floating ‘Quick View’ button which pops up.. It’s like magic! So Sabon has both a ‘Quick View’ and a ‘Quick Shop’ button.

So… How can we solve this problem of confused customers? Make the ‘Quick View’ button permanent and change ‘Quick Shop’ to ‘Add To Cart’ so that customers see that there is a difference between the two, like so..

The main issue with the site is the wording of the function.. Look on many eCommerce sites, “Quick View” and “Add to Cart” are pretty universal.  So universal that the reason this confusion happened is because I, like many, only scanned the page for keywords.  I see  “Quick” and I go.  It is really tedious to remove all the items  after you realize that you have accidentally added to your cart.  In this case, it might be best for Sabon to keep it simple and stick to the standards.

But of course, I ended up buying some products; I just couldn’t resist.



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