Jack Spade: Here’s A Recommendation- More Of The Same Stuff!

Sometimes when I’m shopping online, I stumble on recommendations and end up buying those products.  This time, I am browsing around Jack Spade’s site.  When I search for men’s wallets, how come the only recommended products are wallets?  It would make more sense to suggest complementary products. Ok, so they do offer that colorful bag which goes perfectly well with my black understated wallet, but ideally, the recommendations should make your consumers explore the website without even realizing.  I would say to have some other accessories and even a pair of shoes available to spice things up.  Spark that impulsive shopper that is inside of us all!


Whats more, the Facebook like button and ticker shows zero likes.  This is not offering me very much encouragement…Why don’t you just simply have the Like Button, Jack Spade?   Until you manage to get a few likes at least.  Psychology of suggestive shopping.

Still browsing around and I run into some money clips.  More of the “same stuff thing” going on again.  But look, another wildcard. Might this shoulder strap be the random product of the day? I might have difficulty using this with my money clip, though it might look good.. a wad of money and a colorful strap 🙂

I would suggest taking the different “styles” of the clip, adding them on a side bar feature, similar to a color swatch, and saving the recommendations for complementary products.

In the end… just a little case of a merchandising overlook, but easily fixable with some thought out product placement.



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