Hey, Ticketmaster: The Bird Got Flipped

I like that Andrew Bird. Great music, lots of different styles. AND…sometimes he whistles in his songs. So, when I get an email about his show, I’m all excited. Until, that is, I read the not-so-fine fine print.

If you’re sending an email blast announcing “Various Venues” in “Various Cities,” you haven’t done due diligence on your e-mail segmentation. ┬áIt’s relatively easy to coordinate a focused email blast by zip code, city, etc. Yet we get “Various.” Just seems a little lazy, especially if I live in Topeka or Boise or Minneapolis and really like Andrew Bird but then get disappointed because I don’t want to shlep a thousand miles to hear Andrew Bird maybe whistle during his show. As in, here’s the tour listing:

That’s not Andrew Bird’s oversight; it’s Ticketmaster’s.


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