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It’s Music Monday

It’s Music Monday! Here’s a playlist of some of our favorites to start your week off right. Listen in below:

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Today’s Top Ecommerce News

Twitter dives into ecommerce (Internet Retailer)
“Twitter Inc. is diving headfirst into ecommerce. The social network today announced a test that lets retailers, nonprofits and musical artists add a Buy button to their tweets. Burberry Ltd., No. 314 in the 2014 Top 500 Guide, and The Home Depot Inc., No. 16, are among the merchants participating in the test.”

Incentivizing your retailers to drive brand advocacy (eConsultancy)
“The key to cultivating advocacy from the inside out is to ensure your employees feel invested in your brand’s success. There are many ways to convert your employees from passive sales associates to true brand advocates that help ensure the success of a campaign.”

Using Google’s In-page Analytics, for Link Performance (Practical Ecommerce)
“Google’s In-page Analytics shows users which links get the most attention on any given page, providing valuable information about how site visitors are interacting with the content. The report shows a user’s live web page and it overlays click data, enumerating the percentage of clicks a particular link or set of links receives. If a page had received 10 clicks over the past month, and a particular link had been clicked on three times, it would have a 30 percent share of the available clicks.”


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It’s Music Monday!

Happy Music Monday everyone! Listen in to our song picks for the day and start the week of right:

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It’s Music Monday

Well, it’s one of the last Music Mondays of the summer… We hope you all are soaking up the sun while you still can! In the meantime, kick off the week with our top song picks. Listen in below:

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Portrait of a Mobile Consumer [Infographic]

Today we want to share an infographic that’s all about the mobile shopper. Care of VoucherCloud, this visualization provides some really interesting insights about mobile. Take for instance that m-commerce sales are estimated to reach $626 billion by 2018… So, how is your business’s mobile strategy?portrait-of-a-mobile-consumer


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It’s Music Monday!

There are just a few short weeks of summer left, and we hope you’re soaking them up! To help you get the week started off right, we put together a little playlist. Listen to our top picks of the day below:

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A Badge of Honor for Bellroy

Another Friday means it’s time for another ecommerce Badge of Honor! Today our blog’s little award goes to Bellroy, a retailer of the slimmest wallets around. This site is visually beautiful overall, but we’re really loving the fresh and interesting ways this brand uses visual elements to guide and inform the shopper. Let’s check it out!

bellroy copy

On the home page, the first thing that grabs your attention is the beautiful images. The way Bellroy utilizes a combination of illustrations and high-quality photos is really unique and makes the brand stand out. A great example of this can be seen when the user clicks on Wallets in the top navigation. This opens another menu that displays small illustrations of each product. What a cool way to guide the shopper toward the wallet they want!


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The Cool Content on CoolaSuncare.com

It’s so crucial for ecommerce retailers to offer content that is both relevant and engaging for their customers. That’s why I really wanted to draw attention to CoolaSuncare.com, a site that sells organic sunscreen products. This site is by no means perfect, but they do offer some cool features that are relevant to their products and engaging to the customer.

Now, if you’re buying sunscreen, what might you want to know? You would probably want to know about the conditions you’re going to be in. Well, on the Coola site, you can find that out. Take a look at the right side of the page, and you’ll see the UV index and temperature for a city.


You can click to edit, and a pop-up appears where users can enter their zip code. The pop-up even explains a bit about what the UV index means, which is really nice. Once this is updated, the UV index and temperature for the city you chose will appear in that tab on all the pages of the site. So cool! 



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How to Grow Your Ecommerce Business Without Gaining New Customers

By Dave Landry


Ever walk into a cell phone store and hear a new customer get a better deal than you, even though you’ve had their service for a decade? I worked in the cellular business for several years, and I despised this practice. I wasn’t able to offer even my best customers what some new service could get, and I had no existing relationship with most new customers. It was a horrible feeling, but c’est la vie.

Like the cellular business, many companies feel that new customers equal new revenue streams. While this has some truth, it certainly isn’t the most cost-effective way to develop a solid return on marketing/advertising or return on capital. While I’m certainly not recommending you turn away new customers, e-commerce businesses can grow their business without new customers.

Here are the best ways to convert existing customers from first time purchasers to hardcore loyalists.

1. Offer a rewards discount.

Bonus if the loyalty discounts increase over time or with more purchases! Customers don’t want to pay what everyone else is paying. Any time a customer can take advantage of a sale, they will. Keep in mind, repeat customers require much less advertising, as they’re already aware of your brand. In addition, repeat customers spend 67% more than new ones. Many customers who don’t have a specific loyalty are motivated by price, and a solid loyalty program will keep costs lower than elsewhere – ensuring customers keep coming back. This captures both audiences – the price-conscious and the service-oriented shopper.


2. Develop better relationships.

After paying car insurance to the same company for years, I still have no loyalty. Why? As long as I keep paying my bill on time, they could care less about me unless I’m ready to leave. If I even mention the “L” word, however, suddenly a guy sporting a plaid sports blazer shows up asking how my kids are, and reminding me how long we’ve been “associates.” (Insurance agents take note: If you don’t know my kids names, don’t ask me how they are. I don’t even know my agent’s name, let alone his family).

Instead, make a sincere phone call. Send a handwritten “thank you” note. Whether the purchase was for one dollar or a thousand dollars, the impact of a simple gesture, like introducing your company personally and asking to take care of the customer’s future needs, will have an impressive and lasting effect. Building better relationships – even through something as simple as a phone call – simply wins more business. Read More »

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What’s to Like (and Dislike) About LikeTwice.com

LikeTwice.com is an ecommerce retailer or gently worn second hand clothes. When you boil it down, this store is a highly curated online thrift shop. You won’t have to sift through the musty junk to find the good stuff, and you can shop it all without leaving your house! It’s a fantastic concept, and there are some really cool things about this website. However, there are a couple not-so-great aspects too. Let’s take a look at what Twice’s site has going on.

The home page is clean and simple with bright visuals. Eye catching and fun! We also see a pretty straightforward top navigation menu, with tabs for the various categories. I decided to check out what’s New.

6488208925786112In the New Arrivals section, I saw what appeared to be a nice left-hand filtering menu. I can filter by size (in both regular and petite) as well as by brand, and even choose to see only the clothes that are new with tags. These are great options! However, I noticed that once I selected a size and scrolled to the bottom of the page, there are still more than 12,000 results. That’s a lot to look through! What I would love to see in this filtering menu is some sub-categories: pants, skirts, long sleeve tops, tank tops, dresses, etc. This way, shoppers can narrow down to view a more manageable list of items. Read More »

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